Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Things Mr Bunches Is Excited About, 1

Mr Bunches has the best attitude. In the world.  Seriously.  I bet in the 7 1/2 years he's been alive, he's been sad for a total of, say, 13 minutes.  Cumulative.

He finds a way to be excited about everything, from the really exciting (like when he got to go on a plane ride for his 7th birthday) to the ... not so exciting. Like almost everything else, at least to us.

Sweetie and I have gotten so used to (and charmed by) his attitude that it's winning us over, and that's why from here on out, I will share the things Mr Bunches gets excited about.  THEY ARE NOT ALWAYS THINGS WE THINK ARE EXCITING.

So today, he got to take a field trip to the Overture Center to see the Madison Symphony Orchestra play. This is a big deal, because Mr Bunches loves orchestras.  (Mr Bunches loves everything, and orchestras are part of everything).  So that was good enough, but when he got off the bus and saw a construction site nearby, he excitedly pointed out to his teacher and Sweetie, saying:


That was not the end of the excitement for the day.  When I got home, Mr Bunches was on the couch with Sweetie, who had a Q-tip and was cleaning his ears.  As I walked into the room, he said:



Andrew Leon said...

What is a skid steer?

I've know kids excited about ear wax. Eating it...

Briane Pagel said...


He just liked that it existed.

A skid steer is a type of construction vehicle. He had a video he watches that names all the types of construction vehicles.

Robin said...

I didn't know what a skid steer is either. I don't recall ever being excited about ear wax.

I wonder what it would be like to live in Mr. Bunches for a few days to constantly know that feeling... That sounded stranger than I meant it. Hmmm.

Liz A. said...

Keeps you on your toes, eh?