Sunday, August 17, 2014

Today on 'lit, a place for stories': KNOCK!


There is no concept quite as hard for a human to comprehend as nothingness.

When confronted with void, minds fall back in horror, gooseflesh forming on the very nerve endings that are struggling to convey to us this message:  there is nothing there.

While some people may believe nothing, it is impossible to believe in nothing.

Mari woke up at the first cry crackling through the baby monitor.  It was 1:07 a.m. Tuesday night.  Stephen would not be back from his route for three days.  She was the only one who would hear the baby cry, the only one who would pull herself out of bed – as she did now – and walk down the short hallway to the second of three bedrooms, three bedrooms optimistically purchased in the hopes that they would be occupied.  Three years later, two of the bedrooms had full-time residents.  She planned on their being a third. Eventually.

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