Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I'd have stopped but I'm pretty set for socks, thanks.

It's a bit hard to read, there, but that sign on the corner and the tent behind it is some kind of traveling sock sale; it's advertising 30 socks for $5.99, and that is the third such stand I've seen this week in various places around Madison.  I have this image of a giant sock supertanker being hijacked and the socks distributed through the black market to be sold, with the money going back to some shady Russian oligarch (is there another kind?).  And you may say "Why would they hijack the ship and then sell the socks openly, wouldn't that make them easy to catch?" but that just demonstrates how little you know of shady Russian oligarchs. They don't care, man.  They don't care. If there is money to be made, a shady Russian oligarch will try to make it.

And there is obviously money to be made in the streetcorner sock biz.

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