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Meet The Character Blog Tour: Robbie.

The Meet The Character blog tour was created by Laurel Anne Hill (author of Heroes Arise and bronze medalist for book of the year) and sent to me by Sandra Ulbrich Almazan, whose newest book, Seasons' Beginnings, is a fantasy tour de force and is available for pre-order now.  In her own post, Sandra let readers know about Kron, a man who has to choose between saving his family or saving the world from gods gone wrong.

My own character for you to meet is Robbie.  Remember yesterday when I mentioned that I'd gotten a book contract? I am going to be promoting the bejeebers out of that book, so you will eventually see it in your dreams.

The book is Find Out Who You Are,
and if it's any consolation,
you'll get 5% off the cover price when you pre-dream it.  

So in addition to walking you through the entire creative process that led me to have The #1 Bestselling Book Of [Insert year of publication here] I will also take opportunities from time to time to do other stuff that will make me as annoying as those "Head On" (TM) ads which you said you hated but by GUM you people bought that stuff.  If I can make my book the "apply directly to the forehead" of sci-fi novels, I will have fulfilled my destiny.

Anyway, my character!  Robbie!   Who is a guy in my sci-fi novel Find Out Who You Are (TM) and who I might add would be best played by [insert name of hot male actor in year in which book comes out].  Let's meet Robbie, shall we?

1. What Is The Name Of Your Character?

Um, Robbie. I said that already.  Weren't you listening?

2. Is he a fictional or historic person?

BOTH actually.  Actually, Robbie is historic because of the role he plays in the book and fictional because he's entirely made up, both in "real life" (i.e. that thing we're all supposed to be livign) and in my book world.

That's because Robbie is a "code" -- a clone of a human being whose identity was created or at least stored for a period of time as a computer program.  Which brings us to question 3:

3. When and where is the story set?

Like any proper sci-fi story*

*not counting Star Wars

, my own book takes place in the future, where science has progressed beyond ours, so one company** can do things like make clones of people and put computer-programmed personalities into those clones, and then sell those clones to other corporations and sports leagues and eventually THE WORLD.

**PS the "company" is not Burger King.  

And Robbie's one of those -- but as the main character of the book, he is a special code, one that is being sought by both the company's operatives and by a shadowy group of people dedicated to stopping the company's program.

Also, I wrote a science fiction book once that took place in the past but people were all like "PFFT. I do not believe that there would EVER be phones that attached to a wall with cords, and that game "Pong" sounds totally unrealistic."

4. What else should we know about him?

Well, start with Robbie doesn't know he's a code.  In that respect, he's not unlike many other codes who go about their business never knowing that their entire life has the exact same basis in reality as, say, Super Mario Brothers.  [NOTE TO SELF: Check to make sure that reference is still relevant to the Youth Of America.  If not, insert "Pac Man.".]

5. What is the main conflict that messes up his life?

I would say the fact that a major corporation and a shadowy network of underground operatives are both searching for him at the same time and more than willing to, say, kidnap him and hang him in a hidden room far below the corporate headquarters where a sexy blonde woman will interrogate him. That, and he's not entirely crazy about his job.

6. What is the personal goal of the character?

To figure out why he occasionally starts having the funny feeling that he's had other lives, and then people start shooting at him.

That's the "Meet The Character!"  The working title for the book, again, is Find Out Who You Are, and you can expect it to be ready to be downloaded directly into your frontal lobe right about Xmas [ ... ] .

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The next author in this chain is Russ Bickerstaff; I know Russ from the time-travel story he submitted for the First Annual Indie-Pendence Day Anthology; you can read that story ("I Will Be A Jerk") here. Russ will be introducing you to Blake Morely, and you can get a jump on that by going to:

Russ Bickerstaff is a professional theatre critic and aspiring author living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with his wife and two daughters. His short fictions have appeared in Hypertext Magazine, Pulp Metal Magazine, Sein und Werden, and Beyond Imagination, among other places. His Internarrational Where Port can be found at:

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