Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mr F got a wetsuit.

Because sometimes swimming suits don't stay on as much as we would all like them too, and sometimes people sort of help swimming suits not stay on as much as they are supposed to.

He was not crazy about the idea of a wetsuit at first, as evidenced by his struggles to not try it on the day it arrived in the mail.  We had to mail-order it (a phrase nobody uses anymore: mail-order, even though that's exactly what 'shopping on Amazon' is) because who knows where you could buy a wetsuit in Madison, Wisconsin?  Not me.  That's only one reason it's amazing living in the future as we do: in the past we'd have spent the entire day calling and driving around trying to find some kind of wetsuit company in Chicago and we'd have had to drive there and there probably would've been an earthquake or something, whereas in the present (which is actually the future to those past-selves of ours) we can simply do a quick search and then have it mailed to us a few days later.

Anyway we had Mr F try it on and it took both of us to get him into it, which we had to do because we had to see if it fit before taking it to the pool, and it did.  So yesterday the boys and I went for our Friday walk-and-swim, walking to the pool and then swimming.  I took the wetsuit (which both Mr Bunches and I are kind of jealous of) with us and also his old swimming suit, just in case.

We got to the locker room, and Mr F didn't want to wear the wetsuit. I tried twice encouraging him to get into it using my muscles but he's stronger than the average 8-year-old and so I had to resort to reason, which doesn't often work with Mr F.

"Just try it for a bit in the pool," I told him "And if you don't like it, I'll let you change into your regular swimsuit."

And with that he stopped struggling and let me put it on him and then got in the pool and he loved it.

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