Friday, October 10, 2014

People say you're supposed to keep your eyes on the road when you drive but if you do you miss stuff like this.

Today I was driving home from a hearing, and going through the back way rather than the highway.  I was driving around these country roads and looking at all the yellow corn, blue skies, and trees just starting to turn colors and I thought to myself "This really is a ridiculously beautiful day," and then it got even more so when I noticed a bald eagle sitting in a tree:

I've never seen a bald eagle, period, even in a zoo, and while I was vaguely aware that they live in areas of Wisconsin not too far from me, I never really expected to see one there.  I stopped the car and turned around and got out and snapped that picture above and then took a step to try to get closer, and that's when it flew away.

It really was a great day.

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