Friday, January 30, 2015

Sorry I've been absent a while

Last week I got the flu-- the actual flu, the one that you get shots for only they don't always work, the one that Sweetie calls influenza and makes me feel like this is 1872 -- and me being me, as you know, anything that even remotely comes near my respiratory system causes all kinds of problems, which led to me having about the roughest 10 days I've ever had, and I only missed about 1/2 day of work out of it, and now here I am well enough to have some energy at the end of the day to actually blog a bit.

Not like you've missed much, though. I didn't have very much to say, during that time. I think my uncharacteristic quiet freaked Sweetie out a lot more than my actually being sick.  After all, I'm the guy who was able to talk through preparations for heart surgery.  But this flu was quickly joined by bronchitis and a sinus infection and five days' worth of fevers, and I am taking eleven different medicines for it all, counting the stuff I take every day for asthma, and so it took a lot out of me.

Anyway, here's some pictures.  This is a nice note Sweetie wrote me in my lunch last Thursday, when I had dragged myself to my Milwaukee office for the day:

And here is a selfie I sent her -- I try to send her one a day -- from the Urgent Care center on Saturday morning, where I got to skip ahead of a bunch of people.  Not because I couldn't breathe or stop coughing or had a 101-degree fever. That all had me still waiting behind the woman with the toe thing.  No, I didn't get called up until I threw up in the bathroom.  That gets you to the head of the line.

Here is Mr Bunches, on the first night I got sick, asking if I would film him re-enacting that scene in Wall-E where Wall-e accidentally knocks all the shopping carts down. He is Wall-E.  The ball is the shopping carts.

And here is Mr F that night, chair pioneering.

More stuff soon.

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