Thursday, February 05, 2015

Just to be clear, nobody in our house regularly uses the word "whordiot."

Lately, Sweetie and I've been watching Bob's Burgers, which means that Mr Bunches has been watching Bob's Burgers, as well.  That led to Mr Bunches deciding that he wanted to make a hamburger like on Bob's Burgers, so tonight, we did that: we chopped lettuce and cut tomatoes and broiled the burgers and created a perfect Bob's Burger:

Mr Bunches being Mr Bunches, he didn't eat the Bob's Burger.  He just had it sit by him while he ate his actual dinner, which was, tonight, just the berries from a bowl of Crunch Berries, plus some milk, all of which he ate while he watched his favorite episode, which is called Human Flesh.

When Mr Bunches watches shows like that, he frequently learns new words that we have to then tell him not to say.  So when he watched Archer for a while, we had to teach him not to say words like whordiot (a combination of whore and idiot), and instead to say things like "silly."

Mr Bunches tries to figure out which words he can, or can't, say from TV shows by listening to how the characters say them.  So almost any word they emphasize, he will assume is a 'bad' word.  Tonight, he asked if he could say chalk, because a character whispered that word.  We assured him he could say chalk.  Then he asked if he could say myth, because a character yells that word.  We said yes, he can say myth.

Then a character said "My crotch itches," and Mr Bunches recognized the bad word there.

"We don't say crotch," he said.

"Nope," I agreed.

"What do we say?" he asked.

"We say privates," I said.

And so for a while he walked around telling me his privates itched.  And I had to teach him that we only say that to Mommy, Daddy, or the doctor.

The burger, we put away so I can have it for breakfast tomorrow.

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