Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sights and Sounds Of A Wednesday Morning

While Mr F bounced on his ball,

and Mr Bunches laid on the couch trying to think of ways to convince me that he doesn't have to go to school on Wednesday,

and while Sweetie's breakfast of bagels with cream cheese awaited her,

and while I tried to protect my sole remaining cup of coffee from Mr F

(who for some reason can't tolerate my coffee and always dumps the cups and pots in the sink... possibly he's just looking out for my health?)...

 I was reading about Michael Keaton's loss at the Oscars, and saw commenters had discussed whether he or Christian Bale was a better Batman, and I pointed out to Sweetie how weird it is that there is a person (Michael Keaton), who for the recent past and the foreseeable future will have appended to his every public mention, a discussion of his relative worth as a Batman.

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