Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kids Say The Darndest Things And Then I Go On A Diet Again

Mr Bunches got a new ABC book, "ABC Oceans," and as always, we asked him what everyone's favorite animals were in the new book.  We always do that: any list of things he has, we ask him what our favorites are and, rather than ask us, he just assigns things to us.

So from ABC Oceans, Mr Bunches said that his favorite was a "xiphias," which is a kind of swordfish, and which he likes best because it starts with X, his favorite letter.  Sweetie's favorite was "jellyfish," and Mr F's was "clownfish."

And mine?

"Daddy likes blobfish," Mr Bunches said.  This is a blobfish:

But you probably guessed that from the name, right?

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