Sunday, April 12, 2015

The animals all love Mr Bunches

We went to the zoo this afternoon, for the first time this year.  It's starting to feel like spring, finally, around here, and what better way to spend a spring Sunday afternoon than watching Mr Bunches telepathically commune with the animals?  We started at the lions' den, where Mr Bunches informed us that lions have whiskers, and sharp fangs, and that's how they "eat the blood."  I am not sure that I should keep letting Mr Bunches get the bulk of his information from the internet.  

Then we walked by the sea lions.  The sea lions were all swimming under water and then when Mr Bunches leaned up against the rail, they all popped their heads out and began looking around.  

"They're looking at you," I joked with Mr Bunches.

We went over to the tiger enclosure.  As we walked up, I could see the tiger near the back, where they feed it.  I figured we wouldn't get a good look at it. I was wrong:  We hadn't been at the tiger enclosure for even a minute before a tiger came walking right up and sat down directly in front of Mr Bunches:

Just sat right there and kind of looked sidelong at him:

Which was very neat, of course, and I just thought it was kind of a coincidence, until after the playground, when we went to look at the camels -- Mr Bunches was our guide today, picking where we go -- and the camel was standing really close to the fence, too, right where Mr Bunches walked up.

So I thought "Well they're probably all just out and about and it's just spring, right? The animals are just excited by nice weather and are nearer the fences."

And then we stopped by the otter pool. And the otters kept swimming directly up to Mr Bunches' face:

At this point, I cannot 100% rule out telepathy.  Nothing about these boys would surprise me anymore.

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