Thursday, May 14, 2015

Shameless Self-Promotion!

Today,  Nigel Mitchell -- whose latest book is a parody of those Stieg Larsson novels with the Dragon Tattoo stuff -- is nice enough to let me rant about machines and tools in scifi and fantasy that are supposed to be helpful but which turn out to be completely useless to their owners.  Will I attack beloved Star Wars' icons? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT.

Here's another "deleted scene" from Codes, which you may remember is my awesome new book you can buy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and from the publisher, Golden Fleece Press.

In the book, these pictures were posters placed around the city to try to 'activate' Codes, so that the clones would realize they'd been cloned and programmed.  The concept is still in the book -- just not the pictures.

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