Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This guy has really thought a lot about BTO and Ace Frehley

I usually steer clear of reading comments on most websites because I hate people and they're stupid, but every now and then one catches my eye, like this one that I read when I listened to New York Groove on Youtube last night.

This is the comment:

Sky Marshall 1 week agoGood album. Even some of the lesser songs still had potential. Call me crazy, but with a bit of song writing tinkering, Speedin Back to My Baby sounds like it could've been a halfway decent BTO song. Never mind the fact that BTO hadn't made a decent record since Four Wheel Drive, back in 1975 and by 1978, they were already a Greatest Hits act, after only 4 albums. But, maybe if Ace had sold that song to BTO in 1978, they could have used it as a B-side and it would've inspired them to write a few more, classic BTO style hits, before they slid completely off the record charts. Anything would have been better than the crap they were putting out after 1975. But that's history. We will never know what MIGHT have been.

That is 100% the first ever BTO/Ace Frehley fanfiction I've ever read.

Also New York Groove is an awesome song that I used to roller-skate to and you should listen to it.

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