Saturday, August 22, 2015

I'm not gonna lie to you I was about THIS CLOSE to going and finding a storage locker to bid on.

These two guys came by. Guy 1 had a beard-but-no-moustache, and guy 2 was a big guy with all kinds
of tattoos and a soul patch about 5" long.  So basically the kind of guys I assume are in a cult or something and I'm going to die. (That's how my mom raised me.)

Anyway, they bought a couple of cassettes and DVDs and then were looking at the little ceramic houses Mr Bunches used to get from the Dollar Store. "How much for the ceramics?" Soul Patch asked.

"Two for a quarter," I said.

He didn't buy any but then was telling me how he does this all day: he goes to rummage sales and he buys old storage lockers and he resells the stuff.  "The DVDs are for me," he said. "And I was going to get your Christmas stuff but I decided not to. If you put it on ebay though you could probably get $15 for a pair of houses."

Then he told me how he got an old fan that someone gave him a hundred buck for from one storage locker, and a bunch of stock certificates that were worth like $7000 from another one, and in one he said he found a bunch of old prescription bottles and in each was a piece of gold jewelry wrapped in tissue paper.

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