Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Other "Conscientious Objectors" The Pope Could Meet With, 1:

Pope Francis and Kim Davis
(file photo)
The Pope, having decided to confer upon Kim Davis some sort of honored status for Davis' stubborn refusal to understand how law/government works, has apparently gone into the business of watering down his brand in order to confer popularity by association.  He is no longer Pope Francis; he is Pope Swift.

So how about some other people Pope Swift could meet with to encourage them in their desperate struggles to push back the tide of secular humanism?

First up: Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher.  Ms. Fisher is engaged in the same struggle against Satan as Davis, more or less, but with far less publicity. While every media outlet in the world follows Davis and her new best pal Pope Swift, up until now only The State has provided the public with a glimpse into the hardscrabble world of Lexington County politics.

Fisher, a hero on a par with Kim Davis, is pushing back against Big Government/liberals/Mars to fight for the right to continue to recognize traditional pets: Fisher, as coroner, took in a small kitten she named "Morticia" that she uses to console people and generally improve office morale.  That is America, right there, far more so than pink houses or Bruce Springsteen's bandanna-d butt.  But what does Obama/Hillary/probably the gays do? They demand that she not have a kitten in the office! And they sent in photographers who were probably janitors just doing their job to photograph the kitten, shades of WATERGATE.

Worst of all, the entire controversy will be submitted to the democratic process.   Fisher, the site says

is appealing the kitten’s eviction to the nine council members, seeking an exception to the rule that pets can’t be kept in county buildings. No discussion is expected on her request for a few weeks. “If they vote it down, then she goes,” Fisher said. “She’ll go on to another life.” 

The Vatican has not yet confirmed whether Pope Swift will meet with Fisher, the kitten, or both. Until then, Fisher will have to try to stay strong and hope that at least Huckabee mentions her on TV.

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