Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What Would Bernie Do: Foreign Policy.

I signed up this morning to volunteer for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, because tweeting things and blogging and putting a bumper sticker on your car isn't doing something, it's just telling others to do something.

Every Wednesday, for as long as Bernie's running, I'm going to post the Picture of the Week along with one of Bernie's actual positions or policies, in hopes of persuading people to actually make a change in politics.  Having had Obama for 8 years and Bush for 8 before that and Clinton for 8 before that shows it doesn't really matter if we keep electing "mainstream" politicians.  There needs to be a revolution in this country, but one accomplished at the polls.

Bernie would:

Support the Iran nuclear deal.  I trust Bernie on foreign policy issues, where I am admittedly not as informed as I should be.  Bernie voted for the war against the Taliban but against the war in Iraq. Bernie also voted against the Authorization For Use Of Military Force; this is the vaguely-worded document that has been interepreted to authorize Afghanistan, Iraq, drone strikes on civilians, Abu Ghraib, extraordinary rendition, and Guantanamo Bay prisons which cause men to go crazy from the isolation imposed on them... among other strikes against civil liberties.

I agree with Bernie's stance on those things; he strikes me as a man who would use diplomacy first; his statements about not being the world's policeman are ones I echo.

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