Sunday, November 29, 2015

28 Xmas Stories, 3:

Some Zombie Stories, 13:

At Xmas the zombies don’t decorate trees; they festoon themselves with holiday cheer, or try to.

This year the big trend in zombie d├ęcor were those cutout-paper snowflakes. We guessed maybe the zombies were on sort of a back-to-basics kick, or perhaps they were just short on money. We’ve all been there. We’d see the zombies sitting in little groups at coffee shops, or in the food court at the mall, even the public rooms of the library. They had stacks of typing paper and scissors, and were trying to fold and cut the snowflakes into awesome geometric patterns like the ones they’d seen on TV.

It looked really difficult for them: their fingers kept falling off and making the scissors hard to work. Too, the zombies are sort of slimy sometimes which made the paper wet.  All of which made it extra neat to see a zombie who’d really done a good job. Whenever one came shambling around the mall or down on Barker Street (where there is sidewalk shopping this time of year) and she’d done a particularly good job with the snowflakes, all dangling from her arms and head and body with little neat bows of yarn, we’d take pictures, and posted them in shop windows. We wanted to show how much we appreciated the effort they were making. 


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