Monday, November 09, 2015

Updates on God: Jesus is The Reason For The Decaf.

God is supposed to have told people (ie us) not to make graven images in the form of anything in Heaven (or on the Earth or in the waters so pretty much everything is out, graven-image-wise) but what does God know about what He said? Also, God probably didn't mean thou shalt not honor Jesus with pictures of snowflakes and such, which is why the people that are protesting Starbucks' new Xmas-less design for their Xmas coffee cups are absolutely right to be outraged. From HuffPo via Gawker:

Some Starbucks’ customers are outraged over the coffee chain’s new holiday cups, just because they lack a Christmas-themed design. In the past, the company released cups depicting images of snowflakes, reindeer, white doves and ornaments. This year, the cups are plain red — and people are really pissed. ...some Christian customers feel the coffee chain is oppressing their religion.
They are fighting back exactly the way Jesus taught them to never ever ever take anything lying down: by putting the "Christ" back in coffee, or something:

one gruff-voiced customer dressed like Fred Durst circa 1999 wrote, “Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus,” then brags about “pranking” Starbucks by having them write “Merry Christmas” as his name on the cup.

OH HO HO! That'll show those commie libtards who run the world's most profitable coffee chain whose profits somehow managed to rise even though sales dropped. But in case you have somehow missed the message of love that is the heart of the Xmas story, that customer also flashed a gun that he takes to Starbucks because you'll take his coffee from his cold dead hands, Obama.

Starbucks says the cups are intended to embrace the simplicity and quietness of the season, but the Gun Toting Disciple is having none of it. He writes on his blog that
If there are people on this planet who get emotionally worked up over a throw away coffee cup, that says more about their mental state than it does about the “intolerant” views of others.
YEAH MAN RIGHT ON IT'S NOT WORTH GETTING ALL WORKED UP OVER... wait I think I missed something here.

PS Starbucks settled six complaints of violating workers' rights in just 3 years, routinely denies workers meal and rest breaks mandated by law, fails to pay them all the money they are owed (and then tries to keep them from collecting it) and uses worker-scheduling software that makes it difficult, if not impossible, for workers to plan ahead and/or work a second job all things that I, in my layman's opinion, would think Jesus might find questionable. But by all means, "Christians," protest those cups by buying more coffee but making them write Merry Christmas on it. Just remember to please tip the underpaid worker who hasn't had a break in 13 hours.

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