Sunday, January 17, 2016

Why I Hate People: How Come Everybody Wants To Poop Gold?

In case you needed another reason (I don't, I have zillions) to hate people, in January Nestle Japan will release a limited edition of gold-leaf covered Kit Kat bars. Each one will cost around $17, which is roughly the average cost per person of providing clean drinking water to a third-world region. But, hey, clean drinking water so babies don't die, or gold poop in your toilet? I know where the rich people land on that one.

PS Technically this is an investment; pure gold is chemically inert and passes right through your body so all the rich have to do is sift through their feces and they can get their gold back. That's probably how they became rich in the first place.

PPS No lie Jonathan Franzen wrote a scene about exactly that in his book Freedom.

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