Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker makes it extra-super-duper illegal to defraud the state (but won't investigate the crony who spurred the change.)

Wisconsin, which prior to today had only two laws making it a serious crime to defraud the government, has taken a big step towards pretending it still has a clean government by threatening to make  it extra-super-duper illegal to defraud the government.

The Wisconsin legislature, up until now primarily devoted to passing bills designed entirely to protect big-government donors, like this one rewarding an auto dealer for donating $10,000 to a legislator, or this one which was designed to help a wealthy donor avoid paying child support,  has decided to make a token stab at play-acting that Wisconsin's progressive traditions still exist, by acting on a bill that would make it even more illegal than it already is to commit fraud against the government.

Failed presidential "candidate" Scott Walker, who only avoided prosecution on corruption charges because a court packed with "judges" elected  by the same big-business donors who backed Walker killed the investigation, expressed support for the bill:

Whoever gives fraudulent information to the state should be prosecuted, Walker said, forgetting that a major donor to his campaign was the impetus for the bill; the donor received a $500,000 "loan" that he never repaid after lying on his application and meeting with Walker aides -- one of whom pressured the Wisconsin Economic Development Commission (WEDC) to make the loan.

The WEDC, some people might recall, was created by Walker to replace the former Department of Commerce, and was staffed by people Walker appointed to it. Walker was likely distracted from supervising the Commission by his efforts to get people to donate money to his criminal defense fund.

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