Sunday, February 07, 2016

This Lego Female Ghostbusters Set Would Only Seem Truly Complete If It Came With A Slobby Lego Minifigure Male Complaining That It Ruined His Childhood

Photo from Gizmodo, which to its creditDID just call them "ghostbusters."
I'm not one of those people who think something can 'ruin my childhood' by being remade in a crappy way. If you like the original, watch the original. If you want to see how Megan Fox and Ryan Reynolds look as The Godfather and Sonny Corleone, then that's your right (?)(I'm a little unclear on whether that's actually in the Constitution.)

So while I definitely don't side with the bros who complain that women in Ghostbusters uniforms will destroy society retroactively or whatever, I'm also a bit unclear on why everyone insists on referring to the team as the Female Ghostbusters. I mean, isn't that just one step up from Waitress vs Waiter? We don't refer to Bill Murray as "a male Ghostbuster." I think society won't truly be equal until we can just call someone a ghostbuster without designating whether they are a ghostbuster or a female ghostbuster.

That, and we should stop cops from freely gunning down black kids, and while we're at it, stop  letting billionaires get rich at the expense of everything else. I'd have mentioned those first but I think the whole just be a Ghostbuster thing is at least doable.


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