Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Hey if you've been leaving comments here

... I can't see them. I only just realized this tonight when I was wondering why nobody at ALL had commented on the post, which was low even for my blog, and I checked on my phone and saw all kinds of comments.

I tried to reply to them, but had to sign in, and they disappeared. So after a lot of googling, and changing the HTML on my blog, and more googling, and an ice cream sandwich, I'm at a loss. I can see comments if I sign out, but can't reply to them because when I sign in (to reply) they disappear.

If you have ideas, let me know -- you could email me at bfpageljr[at]gmail.com.  Or leave it in a comment and I'll sign in and out to read it.

Also, if you have ice cream sandwiches, I'm still kind of hungry.

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