Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mr Bunches Made Up A Whole Pretend Police Drama And Had Me Draw The Pictures...

Mr Bunches asked me if I could draw some robbers and bad guys for him...

First was "The Robber Crook." As he named each one he described what they looked like and were doing, and then made the Wanted poster

Next up was

(He has a Silver Eye.)


There is a bit of a story behind that one. Sweetie and I were watching Mission: Impossible one day last year, and Mr Bunches overheard a fight on the laptop. So he asked who the bad guy was and without thinking I said "John Voight."

Now, whenever he sees police sirens he asks if they are going to arrest John Void.  (It wasn't until today that I realized he'd misheard me. But "John Void" is pretty cool.)

(Once The Boy was complaining about Dick Cheney and Mr Bunches decided -- quite correctly -- that Dick Cheney is a bad guy who sometimes the police are going to arrest, too. On a tour of the police station for school he asked me if the jail was where they put Dick Cheney. I said "They should."

Then we had 

His net is used to get the coins.


He is holding a sack of money under his right arm, in case you didn't get that.*

*Hey I don't see YOU drawing a sack of money and making it look all realistic.
These guys are all being chased by:

They are, from left to right:

Peter, Wilson, Zack, James, and Alex, who is James' son.

This is their car:

I've got to get this kid an agent.

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