Monday, August 22, 2016

Operation Sandman, Night 6: "The amount of sleep needed by the average person is five more minutes."

Sweetie reported that Mr F woke up only twice last night, between 2 and 4. He's pretty overtired today still. He's been having tics all week: he does a series of short, sharp inhaled breaths, over and over, in this strange rhtythm: hs hs hs    hs hs .

When I got him in bed tonight, I started to walk back out the door. He got mad and stormed into the hall. I showed him that I was sitting down the hall -- I'm five feet from his door, out of his sight, with the door half-closed. He went downstairs and tapped the picture for 'car ride,' but since we'd just come from that I told him no, it's bedtime. He groused quite a bit but he's in bed and laying quietly now.

... Literally just as I typed that last line, Mr Bunches whispered from inside the room.  "Hey dad," he said.

"What is it?" I whispered.

Mr F yelled something over Mr Bunches' answer. When Mr F calmed down I whispered "Say it again?"

Mr Bunches whispered: "I dreamed that when I was little I hurt my head on the snow and ice."

"It was only a dream," I told him. "Your head is okay."

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Andrew Leon said...

You know, I learned a thing about "five more minutes": It doesn't work. Especially when you do it over and over again.
However, do a 24 (or so) minute snooze, and you will often wake up ready to go.
There's science behind that, too, which I didn't find out until I'd figured it out on my own.

I want to say something about that dream, but I don't know what. I hate waking up with dreams that felt real.