Saturday, September 17, 2016

It only took until 7:44 a.m. for me to feel sad today.

I worked 55 hours this week and will have to work some on Sunday morning, too. My job, as I've said before, is to help people save their houses and their cars and their credit from big banks like Wells Fargo, where criminals like Carrie Tolstedt get rich stealing your money. This week, I actually helped two people stay in their house against all odds -- one of which was against Wells Fargo.

Then this:

That's a picture, from Twitter, of Sharon Stone the other morning.

Sharon Stone is worth $60,000,000.

I don't know much about Sharon Stone as a person, but I do know that the total amount of good Sharon Stone has contributed to the world is... not much. A B-list actress, Stone gets a lot of credit for charity work that doesn't pan out (a claim that she raised $1,000,000 to buy mosquito nets fell through, and UNICEF had to pony up $750,000. Not Sharon Stone, UNICEF. Sharon Stone thought the Chinese brought it on themselves when an earthquake struck that country, probably lied about having breast cancer once, and despite having claimed she "built 28 schools in Africa" with pledges, there's absolutely no evidence the schools were built.

But she lives in a mansion and has $60,000,000.

$*%&$% America.


Andrew Leon said...

It's not just America; it's the whole world.

Briane Pagel said...

Yeah but we say we're better.