Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Guess what we ran out of the other day and Mr Bunches couldn't live without them?

I'll give you three guesses. And a hint: Mr F is the one who likes goldfish crackers.


Andrew Leon said...

So the gummies are for you.

Briane Pagel said...

Well, they WOULD be but Mr Bunches loves them, and they're scarce. He will only eat them if they meet certain criteria; the boxed ones at our grocery store are the only ones that routinely measure up. So I don't eat those.

One a positive note that makes me happy about the world? The grocery store only sporadically stocked them, and then one day Mr Bunches was with Sweetie when they were grocery shopping, and the manager (who has seen them there a lot) said hi to them. Mr Bunches asked when they were getting the gummies and he said soon, and since then they've ALWAYS had them in stock. I think the guy goes out of his way to make sure they're there.