Sunday, December 11, 2016

Update On Parenting

Early one Sunday morning, Mr F was sitting in his underwear wrapped in a blanket, something he likes to do and so gets every now and then to do as a treat.  He began to get a bit mischievous (we call it frittery): messing with stuff, wanting to play with the water, trying to dump out the coffee pot.  After the third intervention I said to him: 

You've got to be good. You keep getting in trouble, I'm gonna make you wear clothes.  


Andrew Leon said...

We had a hard time keeping our oldest in clothes.

Briane Pagel said...

You'll be the wacky next door neighbor in our sitcom, always popping in with a harebrained scheme. Andrew "Larry Dallas" Leon.

Andrew Leon said...

I don't understand the "Larry Dallas" thing, but I'm sure my kids think of me as the wacky neighbor.