Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Enemies List, 5:

1. People who honk their horn.
2. Pepperoni pizza.
3. The 2008 Detroit Lions.
4. The guy who programmed my cell phone camera, etc. etc....

5. The Guy Whose House I'm Stalking.

You may think it a little unfair to include him on my Enemies List when, technically, I am stalking his house. Not him -- his house. There's a subdivision near us filled with awesome houses and his is the most excellently awesome of them all. So when Sweetie and I take her for an ice cream and the Babies! for a drive, I like to drive through there and see his house, and every time I do that, he's home, and I think he's starting to recognize our car as one that drives by all the time, and I think he's getting suspicious, so I've had to not drive by there as often, and when I do drive by there, I've had to not slow down and try to look in his windows.

Which is really unfair of him to make me do that. And that's why he's made the list.

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