Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Everything is okay if you just add "...but isn't that what the holidays are all about?" after it. Try it. You'll see. (3 Good Things From 12/21/09)

It's my last day of work before taking off 6 whole days for Christmas break! Woo-hoo! And I have 3 Good Things from yesterday to keep me happy while I try to do 6 days worth of work before 5 p.m. tonight. (True, I might make more progress if I did the work instead of blogging, but what fun would that be?)

1. The package got delivered! I'd ordered a present for Sweetie that I was worried wouldn't come in time for Christmas, but it got delivered yesterday and we're set to go. Thanks, Internet!

2. The stores weren't crowded when I ran some last-minute errands. That's probably not good for the stores, but it was good for the guy who volunteered to be the one to pick up the "Boss Gifts" for the office, then forgot to take the money home over the weekend and so he had to go do it Monday night. But there was hardly anyone in the stores and I was able to zip in and out and still get back to the house with plenty of time to eat some carry-out KFC and biscuits, and we even squeezed in...

3. The egg nog shake I got at McDonald's: One of the high points of any holiday season is the holiday treat that's only available during that time of year: like Creme Eggs at Easter, the Egg Nog shakes McDonald's serves at Christmas are something I look forward to, so after jogging on the treadmill for 35 minutes yesterday, I treated myself to an egg nog shake on the way to errands. I know, I know: It entirely undid the workout, but isn't that what the holidays are all about?

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