Monday, December 21, 2009

Take it from me: having one job is hard enough -- and even harder if you ever actually go into the office!

For the life of me, I don't know why anyone tries to sell or rent their house on their own. It's hard enough to have one job; why take on two? That's what you're doing when you take on the task of selling or renting your own property, after all: You're trying to do a whole job: to take out ads and print up ad copy and prepare the place for showing and take photos and have showings and solicit buyers...

... see? I'm tired just typing it.

That's all the stuff that a good estate agent does for you. If that stuff is not done, you won't sell or rent your property very soon (or for very much). But YOU don't have the time or the expertise to do it and do it right. So why try, when you can instead hire someone like Coalters, the premiere york estate agents?

Coalters uses local people creating local jobs to sell or let your property the RIGHT way -- quickly and professionally and for a profit. Having built their business from one that began in a spare room to the major estate agency it is now, the people at Coalters know how to get your property on the market -- and then back off of it, sold or rented quickly.

They've won numerous awards already, and those have been earned through their friendly professionals and their harnessing of up-to-date technology to boost your property through the market: Their site is the number one Google result in York, with over 10,000 visitors per month, and they place your property there and on a bunch of other premium sites designed to harness the power of the Internet in your favor.

Do YOU know how to get your site listed on Google's number one result? I didn't think so. You don't know how to do even 1/10 the stuff that Coalters does, so don't try. Instead, you do your job and let them do theirs: selling or letting your property.

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