Thursday, March 25, 2010

A new way to meet people?

As a married guy, I don't typically spend any time talking about, thinking about, or otherwise dealing with singles websites -- no matter what the spam email in my Inbox says.

But I felt compelled to mention after I heard about it, mainly because while I'm happily married, many of you may not be, and many of you may be floundering around trying to meet people in the old-fashioned (i.e., ineffective) ways that people used to meet people before the internet.

You know the ways people used to meet: They'd be introduced by friends, or fall in love at work (like Sweetie and I did -- at first sight! [for me; Sweetie took some convincing]) or, like my grandma and grandpa, they met while grandma was doing a keg stand at a frat party.

But that's all over, because the Internet has revolutionized everything except toast, and the latest thing it's revolutionized is meeting people. isn't your typical dating site. Yeah, there's singles there and they're looking to meet people and all that stuff, but there's a lot more to it than that. A lot more like free games to play -- games ranging from retro fun like "Rubik's Snake" to the one I'm planning on blowing the afternoon with: "Missionaries and Cannibals."

There's also a blog where people can post on topics ranging from fun jokes to funner jokes to discussions of travel options and more, and, best of all for you superficial young people, a spot to rate people's photos.

If I was still single, and if Sweetie didn't exist for me to fall in love with, I'd be hanging out on, having a fun time finding someone to have a fun time with.

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