Thursday, March 25, 2010

We'll see if Sweetie reads all the way to the end of these. (3 Good Things From 3/24/10)

I've been so busy lately that last night I actually forgot to go exercise. But that didn't stop me from packing string cheese in as an extra part of my lunch today... here's my 3 Good Things from yesterday.

1. Mr Bunches' imitation of Mama Odie in The Princess and The Frog
. The latest movie that Mr Bunches is obsessing over is The Princess And The Frog, which the Babies! got last week and which Mr Bunches has already almost memorized.

Last night, I got to watch most of it while I babysat the boys during Sweetie's sister's cosmetics party at our house -- the Babies! and I holed up in their room and watched movies and played trucks and played Bust It -- and the movie we watched was The Princess and the Frog. While it's a pretty good movie in its own right, even better is Mr Bunches' imitation of the voodoo-witch character Mama Odie:

Mr Bunches imitates her perfectly. That kid's going places.

2. "Bust It" has become an official new game.
"Bust It" is the latest game I've taught Mr Bunches to play, a game that stems out of him liking to be chased and then tickled, and out of a bet I made Sweetie about how the song Bust A Move starts.

After spending weeks -- literally-- teaching myself to rap Bust a Move, I told Sweetie the song starts with someone saying Bust it, and she didn't believe me. (I proved her wrong, the only time that's happened.)

Then I began playing with Mr Bunches and each time I was going to chase him and tickle him, I'd say, just like in the song, "Bust it". He's now learned that "Bust it" is the way to get me to chase and tickle him, and he'll come up to me, brace himself to run away, and say "Bust it" and then take off running until I catch him.

3. The little purple flowers are starting to come up in our yard. Middle and The Boy did their annual leaf raking, and did a good job of it, clearing the flowerbeds so that the first flowers of spring could begin blooming. I saw them yesterday for the first time. They're little, purple, and pretty, and I'd have a picture of them but when I tried to take one yesterday, my phone had somehow shut off and I didn't have time to wait for it to start up because I was running late, and then today, when I tried to take a picture, my phone had again somehow mysteriously shut off.

So the flowers are little, purple, pretty, and have the ability to avoid being photographed.
104 down, 10,641 to go: This song is completely underrated, even by me: I left her off my list of the 6 Best Quirky Chick Singers. It's Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple:

(On the other hand, Fiona Apple did get mentioned as one singer who should've won a Best New Artist grammy, and was named The Best Female Singer.)

(Also, Sweetie gets jealous when I mention Fiona Apple, so to calm her down, I'll mention that yesterday, a guy at Walgreen's thought Sweetie was in high school, and I'll also post this:

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