Thursday, June 10, 2010

Swamps can be romantic. (3 Good Things From 6/9/10)

I'm trying to get back in a good 'puting rhythm, and that begins with my 3 Good Things, as always:

1. Not every place on the boardwalk was overrun by swamp. Sweetie and I tried to take the Babies! for a walk last night, in an attempt to mix a little romance with child-care. We loaded up Mr Bunches and Mr F, and drove to a nicer neighborhood than ours, where we loaded the Babies! into the stroller so that we could walk and be in love without all that "Chasing Mr F down the road" stuff that usually accompanies a walk with the Babies!

Part of the walk took us over a boardwalk that runs through a swamp -- I know, romantic, right? -- and because of recent rains, parts of that boardwalk were flooded with swampy water, leading to squishy Crocs and my decision to make it up to Sweetie by buying her an ice cream cone at McDonald's on the way home.

2. My new parking card worked! I've had troubles with the little magnetic card that gets me in and out of my parking garage, and those troubles were compounded by the parking lot's managers insisting that my card did work. We'd settled on a routine of "I will simply buzz the emergency line each night to get out of the lot" until they finally replaced my card yesterday -- so I could smoothly sail out of the lot at quitting time. Or I could have, but for the guy ahead of me who was screwing everything up and took forever to get through himself. But once he was done, I cruised on out.

3. Mr Bunches thought Mr Bubbles was funny.
This week, the Babies! have "Mr Bubble's Bubble Bath," and Mr Bunches last night kept looking at the picture of Mr Bubble and laughing each time he saw it. I've never thought Mr Bubble was hilarious, but maybe that's because the humor is too highbrow for me:

See? I don't get it.

138 Down, 10,865 to go: It's Elegance, from Hello, Dolly, the soundtrack I got because that one song was in Wall-E:

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