Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Teeter-tottering beats a clean car. (3 Good Things From, let's say, the past few days? I don't know anymore.)

I know, I've been more and more lax about posting the 3 Good Things, but that's largely due to the need to at least occasionally work, and also largely due to my being lazy. What can I say? It's summer. If you've been jonesing for some good things, though, here's a few from recent history:

1. Philly Cheesesteak Pizza and Jell-O last night for dinner. I know I said I wasn't going to put leftover pizza on here, but this wasn't leftover pizza, and it wasn't even really pizza, I suppose, although it was called pizza and came from Tombstone. But it was Philly Cheesesteak Pizza, which I bought on a whim this last week when grocery shopping and then made last night, and it was great. Plus, we had Jell-O Sundaes with them, and you can see the actual sundae by clicking this link. (Well, a picture of the actual sundae.)

(Longtime readers with no real hobbies may recall that I mused about The Best Pizza Topping, and what makes a pizza a pizza, in this post.

2. I almost ran the entire nature trail yesterday. Having gotten home from work early again, I had a chance to go running in the afternoon before dinner. Mr F and Mr Bunches didn't want to get up from their naps, so I went on my own instead of the usual pushing them in the stroller run I do in summer. And I made it almost all the way through the nearly-5-mile nature trail.

(By "almost all the way" I mean "about halfway" before I walked a bit. I'm a glass-is-half-full kind of guy. Or, more accurately, I'm a "Running just over half of the trail means that I can claim I pretty much ran the whole thing" kind of guy.)

3. Sweetie talked me out of washing the car and into a walk with the Babies! on Sunday. I was going to wash my car and clean it out on Sunday afternoon, but Sweetie suggested instead that we all go for a walk together, so she joined Mr Bunches, Mr F and I on our usual walk down to the lake to look at sailboats, then around the neighborhood, then to the little park with the Teeter Totter, and then back through the really-rich neighborhood near our house. All of which was much nicer than washing the car. I may have a messy car, but I have nice memories of going for a walk with Sweetie and the Babies!

137 Down, 10,866 to go:
Last night, Sweetie downloaded roughly fifty heavy-metal ballads, each of which was worse than the one before. Then, she played Fadeaway, by the BoDeans, a song I hadn't listened to in years but really liked.

I was going to post that, but there's no video of that song available online -- at least no good ones-- probably because the last I heard, the BoDeans were less a rock band and more a perpetual lawsuit-generating outfit. So instead, here's a song that I know all the words to, if you don't count that I've never been quite sure what "the chicken in the bread pan" is pickin' out. Dough? Gold? Souls? You got me.

The Devil Went Down To Georgia, The Charlie Daniels Band:

Want to see the Jell-O Sundae I made? Click

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