Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Basketball, Then I'm Going To Take The Boy Down, Heavy Rain Style.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PlayStation(R) Move. All opinions are 100% mine.

The Boy's had a PlayStation 3 since they came out -- I remember taking him to get it, getting up at about 4 a.m. to go get in line to pick it up.  I was as excited as he was, because the PS3 meant the next generation of games for us to compete at -- and I'd NEVER lost to him, up to that point.

Up to that point.  Once he got the PS3, I found myself on a losing streak like you wouldn't believe.  Going down 62-0 on Madden, wiped out on that Star Wars battle game without a single kill, I couldn't do ANYTHING on it, and the problem was that I was an old guy used to simpler controllers; the PS3 is so powerful that the controllers can do about 473 different things at once -- and The Boy was better than me at using the new controllers.

But now I can turn the table.  The new PlayStation(R)MOVE is out and with it comes hope for me -- because the PlayStation MOVE doesn't have a million little buttons on it.  Instead of a tiny controller with more things to hit than my DVD remote, I get a simple, handheld wand that I can move intuitively and use to control things on the screen (like a gun, or sword, or me) without having to grow three extra thumbs.  And it's compatible with NBA 2k11 -- which is AWESOME for me, because I've never been able to beat The Boy at basketball, not in real life, and not in video games, but with the MOVE, I'm betting that all those tricky things that I couldn't do on the controller are going to be simple, making me into a little video LeBron (absent the controversy, of course.) 

I'm not even waiting for The Boy to get it on his own.  It's only $99 for the whole MOVE Bundle package -- the controller, camera, sports game, and preview of other games, so I can just go get it, and surprise him when he comes home from college this week.

Surprise him by DUNKING on him.  Maybe then he'll clean his room.

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