Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Question of the Day 73

Can you cheat on a magazine?

This wasn't my original question; my original question, up until Saturday, was going to be Why do they have peanut butter, but not things like cashew butter? But then I found cashew butter, so that mooted my question, and I then decided to go with today's question. (Although now I'm kind of wondering, do they have a butter for every kind of nut? Filbert butter?)

I thought I was the only one this idea would ever occur to. I had to go to the doctor's office last week, and when I got there, the only magazines they had were an old Sports Illustrated and the current issue of The New Yorker.

I wanted to read The New Yorker, but had a problem: I have a subscription to it on my Kindle, and I'd actually begun reading that issue at home the day before. So as I picked it up and began to flip to where I'd left off reading, I felt guilty -- as though I was in some way being disloyal to my magazine at home, or cheating the system somehow.

I gave up trying to read that and paged through last year's Sports Illustrated instead, and then later, confessed the whole incident to Sweetie, expecting her to put another note in whatever notebook I'm sure she records these things as evidence to be used towards my involuntary commitment in the future. Instead, she agreed with me and said she'd had the same thing happen to her when she was getting her hair cut and the only magazine they had for her to read was one she had at home, too.

Sweetie's worse than me, though -- she opted not to read anything rather than cheat on her subscription.

If anything, the whole incident proved to me that Sweetie and I are made for each other.

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