Thursday, December 30, 2010

GOP: "We can't afford to keep educating these kids. Let's just lock 'em up." (Publicus Proventus)

Phase two of the GOP's plan to loot the coffers and leave the country running on fumes was unveiled when State Rep. Glenn Grothman proposed leaving kids too dumb to figure out what's been done -- thereby reducing the chance that as the younger generation grows up, they'll try to get revenge on the elders.

Grothman on Tuesday complained that expansion of the state government was wrecking us fiscally, and singled out expanding 4K programs as the culprit -- because everyone knows that snack breaks are budget-busters.

In blaming the kids, Grothman forgot to blame Republican partial-governor Scott McCallum, who vetoed a provision that would have pared down 4K programs back in 2001, and, as an added measure, Grothman proved that he's unfamiliar with basic math, too -- he could've probably used some more education, as a study showed that $1 spent on 4K programs helps save $0.68 in other areas, reducing teen pregnancy, incarceration, special ed, and dropouts.

But maybe Grothman would rather we lock up preschoolers than teach them to read? Let's just assume that's true.

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