Wednesday, December 08, 2010

It's not every day I recommend destroying a secondary market for overpriced art. But this seemed important. (This Is Why I Hate People.)

And, back to hating people. Or at least some people. After trying to be positive and not always talk about the lowlifes that abound in society, I was awakened this morning by two things:

First, Mr F had apparently decided that he liked Mr Bunches' blankets better and had gone over to Mr Bunches' bed to steal them, resulting in a fight and Mr Bunches complaining to me when I went in there, "Something happened."

Second, a news story that someone, somewhere, had paid $10,000,000 for a book. Something by Audobon, the news story said. So once I finally gave up trying to go back to sleep and headed downstairs for some 'puting, I looked it up and found an article explaining that a copy of John James Audobon's Birds Of America sold for $10.3 million. According to BBC news, the book is extremely rare -- apparently only 119 copies of them exist -- and featured "phenomenal" print quality for the time.

That wasn't the only book sold at the auction. In total, the sale of books and paintings took in $105 million worth of books, including Shakespeare folios and the like.

$105 million.

Remember that guy who's going to die in Arizona because the state wants to save $4.5 million?

Maybe he and the other 97 people who are no longer on the Arizona organ transplant list because people are selfish ought to self-publish their own book of birds to sell to some greedy sucker.

And maybe they just ought to do it. Maybe they ought to begin producing laser-printer quality copies of Audobon's Birds of America, and just giving them away to people and selling them for a $1 in used book stores. I bet $200 worth of materials and a link to would let them create so many fake Audobons to give away that the value of the real 119 remaining copies would drop to zero because it would be so hard to tell what's real and what's not.

The only thing is, they likely don't have enough time to put that plan into action. You know, because of the whole dying because they need organs thing.

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Rogue Mutt said...

What I always hate is when there's some disaster and all these celebrities will give a million or so, which they probably had in the seat cushions of their Ferraris, and then hold a stupid telethon or concert to milk money from the rest of us. Because Brad Pitt and George Clooney really need that $20 from me; they couldn't possibly find that on their own.

Sometimes communism seems like a really good idea. I mean I know some people got the better of the stick in terms of looks or talent (or are just better at kissing butt or were just lucky enough to be born to rich parents) but at this time of year especially it doesn't seem fair that kids are hungry and homeless while all these celebs and CEOs run around in their gold-plated Land Rovers to their 43-bedroom mansions.

But congrats to the Republicans for making sure the Bush tax cuts stay in place and lowering the estate tax. I mean if Bill Gates had to pay another million in taxes he would just pull up stakes and move to Dubai, right?