Friday, February 04, 2011

The field is lovely, bright, and deep, But I have cries of joy to weep. (Super Bowl Poems for Friday's Sunday's Poem)

It's my third favorite holiday weekend of the year (after 1. Christmas Eve and 2. Black Friday), so what better way to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday than to have some poems written by middle schoolers? Green Bay's Edison Middle School challenged their kids to write Super Bowl poems based on Robert Frost and Joyce Carol Oates' poems -- which means those kids know more about poetry than you and me combined -- and here are the ones I liked best:

The Best Super Bowl!

— Jasmine Wright

I think that I will never see.
A man that is as big as he.

The defensive linemen by the name B.J.
He plays number 90 for Green Bay.

When he gives his belly a great, big shake.
It makes Green Bay have a minor earthquake.

The Green and Gold love to play all day.
Especially when they have a guy named Clay.

His hair is long, and blonde, and sleek.
He dominates the field week after week.

I know the Packers will win it all.
Because they are the KINGS of Football.


Ode to Aaron Rodgers
-- Irene De La Cruz-Gomez

I think that I shall never see
A quarterback as good as he

He truly is the very best
Scoring a touchdown is his quest

A man that practices all day long
So he can get big and strong

Number 12 will lead us to a win
That guy knows how to throw a pig skin

To Dallas, Texas we all will go
It doesn’t matter if there’s rain, sun, or snow

A Super Bowl win is what we’ll get
It will be a victory we’ll never forget


Stopping By Lambeau Field
— Rebecca A. Charniak

Whose field this is, I think I know
His plays are over the top though;
He will not see me in this crowd
But when he scores he puts on a show.

My lovely mother must think it queer
To scream when he is nowhere near
Between my living room and Lambeau Field
The happiest night of the year.

B.J. Raji gives his stomach a shake
To ask if the Chicago play was a mistake
The only other sound that was heard
Was the roars and cheers the crowd did make.

The field is lovely, bright, and deep
But I have cries of joy to weep
And Dallas to go before I leap
And Dallas to go before I leap.

And, no, I'm not going to put a Hot Actress. These are MIDDLE SCHOOL kids, you sickies.

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