Saturday, February 05, 2011

An infinite number of John Cusacks holding an infinite number of stereos (Awesome Covers Of Already Awesome Songs)

I went jogging today and listened to Pandora on my phone while jogging instead of listening to my iPod -- because with our new computer we had to reset iTunes and that meant that all my old playlists are gone, and I haven't recreated them yet, so I have no running playlist and didn't feel like sorting through the 12,000 plus songs on my iPod while I ran because if I skip too many songs in a row my iPod jams up, and if that happens it gives me an excuse to quit, but I was very intent on wanting to complete a six-mile run today because I realized last night that each month since November I've actually run less than the month before, so I have to reverse that...

... I'm still a little amped up from the run, and from doing my taxes, which had some incredible lows (we have to pay the feds $1,074) and some not-so-highs (we get back $674 from the state), so bear with me...

... and while I ran I listened to a couple of stations, beginning with Violent Femmes, but I soon quit that because, Pandora, Nirvana (a/k/a The Bee Gees of the 90s) have nothing to do with the Violent Femmes, and instead I switched to the Slow Club station, where I got this song around about mile 5:

That is an awesome cover (as the title implies) of In Your Eyes, and as I ran and listened to it, I couldn't help but think two things:

First, that song would be great in a sequel to Say Anything -- John Cusack could maybe play the song on the guitar, this time -- and isn't it about time that we got a sequel to Say Anything? Shouldn't we have found out if those two made it? I mean, they just got on that plane and that's it?

And, second, as awesome as that cover is, it really demanded some audience participation at the end of it. It almost seemed like he was waiting for it, too, wasn't he?

After listening to that version about ten times on Youtube, I looked at some other versions -- lots of other versions, making me imagine an infinite number of John Cusacks in an infinite number of rainy nights-- and found almost none that were really worthwhile. This band:

makes a big deal about how their cover had to be different, but it sounds more or less like the original.

Sara Bareilles' piano bar version is only adequate:

But I did stumble across this version -- a girl singing along with the song on her webcam, and doing a really good job of making the song her own while staying true to the original:

So kudos to her for having the second best cover of this song.

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