Tuesday, March 22, 2011

As Seen On TV... hopefully someday? (Life With Unicorns)

Sometimes, I consider abandoning my dream of putting Mr F and Mr Bunches onto a Disney TV series so that I can retire, and consider instead simply taking their ideas, patenting them, and then making millions without having to meet the Jonas Brothers.

Ideas like the Bucket O'Blankets, (TM), modeled here by Mr F.

Don't steal my idea: That's a (somewhat worse for the wear) plastic tub that we use to store the multiple blankets that the Babies! use -- they have five or six different ones, each used according to mood, so sometimes it's a Spongebob blanket day, while other days call for a simple red or blue -- and in this case, the tub has a few blankets in it, making it perfect for Mr F to recline in and read his favorite book.

And don't lie: you'd love to have something just like that. I know I would.

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