Monday, March 21, 2011

She's right. He IS adorable. (Sweetie's Hunk of the Moment)

Hunk of the Moment: Daniel Tosh

How You Might Know Him: You may be 20, or know people who are 20, and therefore you spend some time watching Tosh.0 on Comedy Central.

Or you might be 42, but know people who are 20-ish who watch Tosh.0, but you didn't care because you watched Web Soup, a show that was clearly funnier, but which has been taken off the air because every show that you like eventually gets canceled, something that happens because your tastes in no way intersect the tastes of the public at large (other than in the area of McDonald's cheeseburgers) so that you are doomed to constantly be teased with the promise that the things you like will stick around, only they won't, and so you now watch Tosh.0, too. And then you DVR'd his stand-up special and you watched it Saturday night.

How I Found Out Sweetie Liked Him: I was watching that DVR-d special Saturday night, enjoying myself, laughing a little here and there, when, about halfway through, Sweetie blurted this out:

"He is a dick, but he is cute!"

I said: "What, now?" and Sweetie tried to clarify:

"I mean, he is such a dickwad but he's adorable."

Which didn't make me feel better.

But, in the end, I won: She fell asleep before the end of the special, so he may be an adorable dickwad, but Daniel Tosh can't keep Sweetie awake, something that I successfully do for hours on end. (By snoring loudly, but still...)

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anna. said...

Daniel Tosh is kind of awesome. I don't watch him a ton but every once in a while, he show me something great.

Case in point:

This may date me and my immature sense of humor, but it's probably the worst music video ever made. And it's courtesy of Tosh.0