Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Greatest Thing In The World, EVER! (1)

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Last week, one of the law clerks at my office was talking with me, and we ended up -- as you'd expect, when a lawyer is talking with a law student in a law office during business hours -- talking about blogs that we liked, and the Law Clerk (who I'll call The Law Clerk even though she's one of a group of them) mentioned that she'd been reading a blog called Hyperbole and A Half.

She described it as being funny, with weird pictures, and mentioned that the author of the blog had invented a creature called the "alot" because the author hates it when people say alot as one word, and also referenced, in rapid succession, a story in which little girls bit a boy and something to do with Kenny Loggins and Jesus wrecking Christmas.

That was enough to pique my interest -- it takes very little to distract me from actual work, anyway-- and I went and checked out Hyperbole and a Half, reading the post The Scariest Story.

That, in turn, was enough to hook me: I read about five other posts, then went home and made Sweetie read The Scariest Story, then read a few more entries on my phone late that night, and read some more on Saturday, and then even read some on my phone while sitting in a hotel room in Eau Claire on Sunday night, which is a different story altogether and one that involves Mr F sleeping in the niche between the bed and the wall, and I'd have kept reading the entries but for two things:

1. I do have to work occasionally, and
2. I didn't want to run out of posts, so now I have to ration them the way I ration all things in my life that are phenomenally good but also are limited (BBQ Fritos, trips to Sonic, episodes of Better Off Ted, etc. )

So you should definitely check it out, and should then use your time to request that the author, who is "probably not" a robot, to write more and write quickly because I do not have a great deal of willpower, as evidenced by the fact that I finished off a large chocolate shake in the time it took for the guy to bring our food to our car at the drive-in in Eau Claire Sunday night, which is another another story altogether and involves my panicking at the drive-thru yet again,

and since I'm no longer sure where I was in this post, I'll end it.

But Hyperbole And A Half's author FAQ says I can use artwork from her blog if I prominently link to it, and the picture on this post if from her blog, so:

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Rogue Mutt said...

I'll have to follow that with all the other blogs I'm following right now. These blogfests and whatnot help (at least short term) increase your views but it's kind of annoying trying to follow everyone else's blogs.