Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's like we have our own TV show! Only without commercials. Or sponsors. Or "production values." (Life With Unicorns.)

It's here! The video I alluded to in the classic post "The Pancakes Of Time Get Their Revenge."

I finally figured out how to load up ... or upload, as we techies say... videos from my phone onto the Internet, and all I had to do was create a completely new Youtube account because I was completely unable to access my old Youtube account after Google acquired Youtube, even though I have a Google account, and Youtube said I could use my Google account, so the point is that eventually there will be no new email addresses because I will be using every conceivable combination of numbers and letters to bring you stunning high-quality video like the following, which I cleverly call:

Mr Bunches Cooking Pancakes.

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