Monday, May 02, 2011

Oldest is celebrating her birthday! (Quote of the Day)

"So you won't have to face God,"
-- Me, to Oldest.

It's Oldest's 24th birthday today, and to celebrate, I'm posting this as the Quote of the Day. I'd post an actual quote from Oldest, except that Oldest's talks with me tend to be limited in nature, because I am way older than her and don't watch Jersey Shore and therefore I am lame.

This quote actually comes from about two weeks ago, when we let Oldest know that as she was still technically part of the family, she was also technically required to go to Grandma's house for Easter Dinner, which we were having the Saturday before Easter because Sweetie and I have a strict "Let's not actually go anywhere on an actual holiday" policy which lets us celebrate all major holidays by (a) sleeping in (b) watching reruns of sitcoms we like, and (c) wearing sweatpants.

Oldest, after learning this trip was mandatory, called me and said "Are we going to church with them, too?"

I said that since we were going up there on a Saturday night, it was unlikely that we'd end up having to sit through a Mass, at which Oldest let out an audible sigh of relief, which she immediately tried to mask by saying "I mean, I was just wondering," at which point I let her know that this particular Saturday wouldn't be her own personal Judgment Day.

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Rogue Mutt said...

Happy Birthday!

anna. said...

this is hilarious.