Thursday, June 09, 2011

all the bosses of the earth cursing the traffic (Friday's Sunday's Poem/Hot Actress)

Love Pirates
By Joseph Millar

I follow with my mouth the small wing of muscle
under your shoulder, lean over your back, breathing
into your hair and thinking of nothing. I want
to lie down with you under the sails of a wooden sloop
and drift away from all of it, our two cars rusting
in the parking lot, our families whining like tame geese
at feeding time, and all the bosses of the earth
cursing the traffic in the morning haze.

They will telephone each other from their sofas
and glass desks, with no idea where we could be,
unable to picture the dark throat
of the saxophone playing upriver, or the fire
we gather between us on this fantail of dusty light,
having stolen a truckload of roses
and thrown them into the sea.


About the poem. Well. I went looking for a pirate poem, and here's why. I have invented a character I call "Ticklish Pete," who is "The tickliest pirate of the eight seas."

Ticklish Pete doesn't do much right now; the actual point of Ticklish Pete is that one day Mr Bunches wanted me to tickle him -- his tickling game is where I begin to tickle him and then he falls down and I keep on tickling him. (It's not a very complicated game.) And one day, as we were doing that, I said "Are you Ticklish Pete?" and after that he would ask for "Ticklish Pete" instead of tickling, so one day I added the voice, and now I will chase him, and sometimes Mr F if he feels like playing, and talk in a pirate voice as I chase him, saying things like "Arrggh! I'm going to get you, Ticklish Pete!"

I agree; the game does not make much sense. Mr Bunches is "Ticklish Pete," and he's very ticklish, and a pirate. That's it. But as a game, it makes at least as much sense as Cloverfield: The Game, or Dr. Slider, both of which it resembles.

But in any event, we played it last night, I was thinking of pirates this morning, and I found this poem, which started out like any other love poem but finished up strong.

And, also, it's the only poem I can think of that has a saxophone solo in it.

About The Hot Actress: I asked Sweetie who she would name, and she couldn't think of one. She then said I probably had someone in mind, but I didn't, as I spent most of my morning reading about the Wisconsin Consumer Act. Then I tried to find actresses who had played pirates, but all anyone ever says is "Penelope Cruz" or "Keira Knightly" and I don't think they're hot.

So I looked on some websites and went with Miranda Otto, who played Eowyn, the girl who didn't get Viggo Mortensen, in Lord Of The Rings.

Then I thought I'd quiz Sweetie to see if she knew Miranda Otto, and she not only knew who she was, but who she played... and that Eowyn was the daughter of Theoden the King. Sweetie is awesome.

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