Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Quote Of The Day 61:

For a change, I'm going to put the quote last:

Middle Daughter moved into her new apartment about a week and a half ago, and Sweetie and I went over to help her set up her kitchen table; before we went, I asked Sweetie what the building looked like, as she'd seen it and I hadn't, and we had this discussion:

Sweetie: It looks like Cabrini Green.

Me: What do you know about Cabrini Green?

Sweetie: I've seen 'Candyman'.

Me: I don't think 'Candyman' was meant to be a documentary of the projects.

Sweetie: I'm sure it was real life... except for the Candy Man.

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Michael Offutt said...

Virginia Madsen was better as Princess Irulan in David Lynch's version of "Dune". Sting looked so nice in that show as Feyd Rautha. See...I bet you had no idea that you'd remind me of all that simply by blogging about Cabrini Green (just seemed like an inner city slum to me when I watched the show).