Friday, June 17, 2011

I'd like to grow orange trees in a greenhouse (Friday's Sunday's Poem/Hot Actress.)

Marcus Millsap: School Day Afternoon

Dave Etter

I climb the steps of the yellow school bus,
move to a seat in back, and we're off,
bouncing along the bumpy blacktop.
What am I going to do when I get home?
I'm going to make myself a sugar sandwich
and go outdoors and look at the birds
and the gigantic blue silo
they put up across the road at Motts'.
This weekend we're going to the farm show.
I like roosters and pigs, but farming's no fun.
When I get old enough to do something big,
I'd like to grow orange trees in a greenhouse.
Or maybe I'll drive a school bus
and yell at the kids when I feel mad:
"Shut up back there, you hear me?"
At last, my house, and I grab my science book
and hurry down the steps into the sun.
There's Mr. Mott, staring at his tractor.
He's wearing his DeKalb cap
with the crazy winged ear of corn on it.
He wouldn't wave over here to me
if I was handing out hundred dollar bills.
I'll put brown sugar on my bread this time,
then go lie around by the water pump,
where the grass is very green and soft,
soft as the body of a red-winged blackbird.
Imagine, a blue silo to stare at,
and Mother not coming home till dark!


About the poem: I'll make this quick. It's my day off. I just spent, like, an hour writing this. The Babies! are done with "camp" at noon, and I'm going to relax. And this poem felt like today.

About the Hot Actress: Despite my strict "No Friday Night Lights" policy, and despite the fact that I don't think she's pretty, here's Connie Britton, who Sweetie suggested and who I said I'd go with because Sweetie isn't feeling well today. I'm an awesome husband: I bought her Popsicles, I made her toast, and now I'm posting a picture of a woman on my blog for her.

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