Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pun Intended... Or IS it? (I Get Paid For Doing This)

I began my day by driving down to Darlington, Wisconsin, with roads winding through hilly cow-ridden countrywide, to attend a hearing that I had no hope of winning... and which I then won, somewhat improbably. (But I'll say brilliantly, too.)

Cheered up by beginning the day with a victory, and having a little extra time on my hands, here were some things that caught my eye on the way back.

Hot Lather Shaves: this is the only place I've ever seen that offered. I barely grow a beard in the first place, but I kind of wanted to go back and get one of these on Saturday morning:

Just because it seemed like it would be a neat thing to do.

When I saw this I thought pun intended!

But then, as I drove away, I thought what if it wasn't a pun? What if they were just welcoming that one ewe?

If you squint, the sign appears to read dead or alive in the names at the bottom, which is better with the T. Rex skeleton:

More people should have dinosaur skeletons at the end of their driveway. Why won't some presidential candidate take up that as an issue?

I don't know what kind of church this is, but this sign was pretty awesome:

And this sign made me want to actually join the Church:

Because that's how religious decisions should be made.

Finally, I see signs for Crazy Frank's everywhere I go:

and I never have time to stop in and shop at what I imagine is the greatest store I would ever see. Today I had time, and this Crazy Frank's was closed.

So it goes.


Rogue Mutt said...

I bet the Crazy Frank's being closed was as disappointing as when I went to Muskegon and found every Perkins in the area closed. I saw the signs on the highway and thought, Wow I can go to the same restaurant chain that destroyed Tiger Woods' marriage! But then both of them in the area were shut down; I blame Tiger for that.

Ruthi aka abitosunshine said...

Congratulations on the victory! Great signs! And yes, those signs would make me want to attend church, too.

Michael Offutt said...

Attending church makes absolutely no sense to me so in my opinion the ad hocking Elvis is as valid as any.