Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Laughter is the best medicine. You know, after MEDICINE." -- Bo Burnham. He'd have liked Uberhumor's funny pictures.

If laughter really is the best medicine, or is even in the top 3 (I think it might be a little behind acai), than is well into the second year of its residency, or however it is that med school works.

(My med-school knowledge is limited to (1) promising my mom I would go to med school, and (2) asking my doctor if Scrubs is actually kind of accurate, to which he replied, yes, and caused me to lose all faith in the medical system we have here in the U.S.)

Where was I? Not on "lying to my mom about going to med school," that's for sure. Let's get back to the funny videos, pictures & images on, the site that brings you "daily Fail pictures" like this one:

And there's more like that, of course. is one of those sites that I bookmark and check into throughout the day, because they're always adding new stuff that makes me laugh; it's great to take a little break here and there. I mean, I spend my entire day reading mortgage documents and arguing about things like "parol evidence" which is something I probably ought to have learned in law school but let's face it, none of us lawyers were paying attention during that section, so we're not at all sure what it is, and we have to read all these old 1894 cases from Justices with names like "William McClendon-Hurlington Toorthrow" and that gets old, so I need a dose of:

Ha! That is so like a dad. I mean, I'm a dad, and I...

... wait a minute.

Anyway, who couldn't use more humor in their life? You couldn't. I mean, you could. I got all twisted up in the negatives there. You get my point, which I will summarize as:

1. Go bookmark, and
2. Really, Mom, law school is pretty much as good as med school, isn't it?

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